Here, you will find the timetable for the current semester.

The timetable for the coming semester will be published mid-December for the spring semester, and 1 August for the autumn semester. 

In the event of a change in the timetable for the current and next week, you will be informed by e-mail or text message, and the timetable will be updated. Please note that your timetable may vary from week to week. You are responsible for keeping up to date with the timetable at all times. 

Timetable Bachelor studies 

Individual log in via FEIDE 

To see individual and group timetables, you must log in using FEIDE. If you are an existing student, you received a text message in the summer of 2017 with a username and password for Office 365. This also applies to logging in to the timetable. New students are sent a text message with user name and password on an ongoing basis, when they are accepted. You can still see timetables on the course and class level, without logging in to FEIDE. 

How to read the timetable 

  • Click the link: “Classes + class codes”, to find your class code. For example, the class code for HR and Personnel management is: 18BAPHB1. All new students have a class code starting with 18. 
  • Click on the city where you are going to study and enter your class code in the timetable. 

Synchronise your timetable with your personal calendar 

  • Search for the desired timetable via TimeEdit Web. 
  • Right-click the iCal button at the bottom of the window and select Copy Link. 
  • Open a calendar application and go to the subscription menu and paste in the link. Here, you can also choose how often you want to update the timetable.